Lindsey Stirling Alley

planted with love by Official Czech & Slovak fanclub21st October 2017

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Lindsey Stirling Alley was established in October 2017 in a city called Hradec nad Moravicí, located in Moravian-Silesian region - Opava district. It was created by the Official Lindsey Stirling Czech and Slovak fanclub in cooperation with Sázíme stromy (We plant trees) organization.

This whole idea was meant as charity event, which we do as a fanclub every year. At the same time it was a delayed gift from fanclub for Lindsey´s 31st birthday.

From the beginning of the realization fanclub cooperated with Lenka Dočkalová from Sázíme stromy organization. The original intent was to establish this alley in the city of Karlova Studánka. Councillor of the municipality eventually did not want to make this alley in their city so it was necessary to find some other place. Luckily the council of Hradec nad Moravicí had let us build this alley in their city, specifically a park situated near the local train station.

Meanwhile, fanclub administrators and fans of Lindsey had been sending their financial contributions to make this whole action possible. Also, fans have chosen names of individual trees. They could choose from the list of people from the Lindsey´s closest family, friends, co-workers and so on. All fans made themselves the official partner of the alley when they contributed and their names were written on the information sign which is placed right next to the alley. If he sent more than 1500 Czech crowns (cca 73 dollars) he would be allowed to choose specific name of one tree and he would become a patron of this tree.

Overall fanclub collected 19 900 Czech crowns (cca 1000 dollars). Thanks to this amount, we were able to plant ten trees and make information signs (for whole alley and also for individual trees). The rest of the money will be used for the appropriate extension of the alley (at the moment we are discussing about bench for this alley). 25 people supported us financially, 8 trees have official patrons and 15 people helped us with planting the whole alley. As a gift the major of the city gave these 15 people free tickets to the local famous chateau. Whole alley was planted on 21 October 2017. Specific names of trees and their species can be found in the individual articles.

Trees patrons

  • Aubrecht Oldřich
  • Bačák David
  • Binder Lukáš
  • Blažková Veronika
  • Brdičko Petr
  • Dedek Petr
  • Dočkalová Lenka
  • Drašar Ondřej
  • Dvořáček Josef
  • Frýdl Dominik
  • Fux Daniel
  • Hloušek Daniel
  • Chmel Jakub
  • Ivaniková Veronika
  • Kantor Martin
  • Koutná Monika
  • Noga Lukáš
  • Nohejl Radek
  • Pavelková Eliška
  • Plešmíd Jan
  • Pomkla Ondřej
  • Pospíšil Tomáš
  • Rejchrt Jan
  • Svěrčinová Alžběta
  • Šádek Martin
  • Šádková Markéta
  • Vaculová Kateřina
  • Vlková Tereza

Our sincere thanks also goes to Lenka Dočkalová, Ondřej Drašar, Jakub Chmel.

Alley was planted by

Lukáš Binder, Petr Brdičko, Petr Dedek, Lenka Dočkalová with husband, Daniel Fux, Daniel Hloušek, Ondřej Hoša, Martin Kantor, Lukáš Král, Jan Plešmíd, Markéta Šádková, Kateřina Vaculová, starosta Josef Vícha a Tereza Vlková

Group photo of all planting participants

Location of trees

On the map below, you can find the placement of individual trees. You can see information about tree and its name If you click on the tree icon.

Facts about the alley

Here you can find the most interesting facts about alley

Hradec nad Moravicí

The alley can be found in the beautiful Silesian city Hradec nad Moravicí.

Good deed 2017

Event was made as a charity project of the Official Lindsey Stirling cz/sk fanclub.

Information signs

On both east and west side you can find signs about the alley.

10 trees

Alley has 10 trees. You can find them in the park next to the local train station. Trees are divided into groups (family, friends...)

12 volunteers

12 volunteers from fanclub, 2 members of the Sázíme stromy organization and major of the city helped with planting the alley

25 contributors

25 contributors donated this project. Much more fans helped to choose the names for trees.


We believe that alley made happy not only bettor volunteers but also those whom it is dedicated. Here are some reactions.

» What a beautiful thing to do! ❤️❤️❤️ « 

Judy H. Gaviati

Jasona Gaviati's mom

» This is so dang awesome guys! Everyone my the family has a tree dedicated to them!? I can't even...just so cool. «

Lindsey Stirling

Violinist, composer

» So cool! I love it! «

Jennifer Stirling

Lindsey's older sister