McKay Stevens

McKay Stevens was born in 1979 and he is an American singer, writer, composer and producer. He is a founder of The Vibrant Sound band.

Lindsey Stirling, source:

Lindsey met McKay at one of the concerts where they both performed. McKay invited Lindsey to joint concerts. Together they played Golddigger song and McKay was also one of the authors of the Firefly song. The Vibrant Sound were also the opening act of the Lindsey´s 2013 tour.   

An attentive fan could see McKay at Lindsey´s Meet and Greet with fans at the Prague concert in 2014. You can also see him on Lindsey´s video from Prague.

The Vibrant Sound website is where you can get more information about them. This band plays so many different genres like indie, hiphop, neosoul or jazz.

Patrons of McKay Stevens tree are Markéta Šádková a Martin Kantor