Phelba Marie Mae Von Schwelba, that´s the whole name of the worldwide Lindsey´s fan No.1. Relentless in her principles. Dangerous when somebody´s not able to write Lindsey´s name correctly. She pursues our favourite violinist at her every turn. Ready to utilize every opportunity to get to Lindsey.

Lindsey Stirling, source:

Thanks to her smartness she’s got her own chapter in Lindsey´s book “The Only Pirate at the Party”. Lindsey even cast her into her video clip. Phelba is an idol for a lot of fans so they even ran her fanclub. They also stylize themselves to her visage (specially thanks to her significant glasses).

Of course, Phelba is Lindsey´s alter ego. It is another form to entertain fans and show them how Lindsey can entertain herself on her tours. Phelba did not show up for a long time so we hope we will be able to see her and her rascality very soon.

Patronem of Phelba tree is Jan Plešmíd