Jennifer Stirling

Jennifer was born on the 17th February 1984 and it is Lindsey´s older sister. Lindsey describe her as someone who is always devoted to her goal. As an example, in her book she told about one race in the cross-country run. In the most of this race Jennifer was in the TOP 3 places. However, she did not finish in the TOP 3. She did not show up for a long time. Collapse of her health was the reason of that. However, she stood up and made this race to the finish, although after that she needed to go to the hospital.

Lindsey Stirling, source:

She graduated from the Arizona State University and since the childhood she plays the trumpet. She is part of the local orchestra and she is also music composer. In present day she is Lindsey´s assistant who helps her with fanclubs and she also writes Lindseys music for guitars, pianos and so on.

Jennifer is divorced and currently engaged again. She has two sons – Jaron and Stephen. Instead of the fact that she is Lindsey´s assistant and she takes care of her family she is also the volunteer firewoman.

Thanks to Jennifer our fanclub became official back in 2012. Out of the USA it was the first official fanclub in the world.

Jennifer Stirling´s tree was planted from the fans contributions..